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Investing in Real Estate in London Ontario

Are you discouraged by the 1% and 2% return in your stocks, mutual funds, and GICs?

Or worse, seeing your retirement savings go down?

Why invest in a piece of paper that is managed by someone who gets paid whether you make money or not? A stock or mutual fund could actually lose all value and not be worth the paper it's printed on.

Real estate will always have value. Real estate investing can be a passive investment that provides a steady return over the long term.

7 Profit Centres of Real estate Investing:

  1. Rental Income - Any income over expenses is the monthly cash flow that you pocket each month
  2. Equity - Buy any property below market price any you've made money on day one
  3. Appreciation - In general, a property will double in value every 25 years
  4. Leverage - A mortgage and/or other people's money reduces how much of your own money is invested and yet you still benefit from all 7 of these profit centres
  5. Tax Benefit - Real estate investing is a business and you can deduct your expenses against income
  6. Principle Reduction - The monthly rent can cover your mortgage payments, reducing the principal and increasing your equity over time
  7. Reinvesting Equity - You can use the equity in the property to refinance and buy more properties

Real Estate Investing in London Ontario - Single family, Duplex, 4-plex, Student HousingReal Estate Mentor

Not sure where to start?

With over 5 years experience researching and investing in real estate in London Ontario, I can work with you on your real estate purchase and get you on your way to achieving passive wealth through real estate.

I can provide:

  • Access to my proven, proprietary Property Evaluation Spreadsheet - evaluate the numbers to provide an estimate of monthly cash flow
  • An evaluation of the property and projected monthly rent
  • Referrals to professionals who specialize in real estate investing, including Realtors, mortgage brokers, property inspectors and trades people
  • Project management of renovations, clean up and repairs
  • Marketing and tenant selection expertise
  • Ongoing property management and regular maintenance

Looking for Joint Venture PartnersReal Estate Joint Venture

I am currently looking for joint venture partners to fund deals in the up and coming Old East Village Heritage District.

if you're interested in discussing any current deals.

In the current economic environment, real estate is a great alternative to traditional investments, such as stocks, mutual funds and annuities.

Real estate is an investment that you can control with the right property, the right tenants, positive cash flow, and a good power team.


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